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Aphasia, brain injury, prison, Marcus Rosenberger. 2/22/12, life is a gift that not all of us receive…

Laughter and Humor are the key to healing. Take a couple minutes and watch this Grandma Comedy…it’s great!

Click on the above link, then at the bottom of Aphasia, brain injury, prison, Marcus Rosenberger is a u-tube link to see Grandma Comedy.

Enjoy with much laughter!


Weekly Photo Challenge: Down. 4/14/11, my son had just heard his verdict: Guilty.

Marcus is an intelligent young man, who fell victim to the Federal Court system rather than receive ongoing rehabilitation and protection from a SEVERE brain injury. His brain injury left him vulnerable to others, and he is serving time simply because of his honesty. Check out Marcus story and the legal system.


Comic: In The Bleachers

Check out this comic! And you thought that concussion didn’t cause you any problems! Think Again!

The Concussion Blog

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