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Simple and basic tips to bathing, showering and washing up

What is important to personal hygiene?  It sounds like such an easy question, but when you are dealing with traumatic brain injury and several other issues that deal with thinking problems this is a complex task.  Many times this is difficult to figure out, especially in the first year or more following traumatic brain injury.  It is something so many people take for granted everyday, until you no longer have that ability to perform the most basic of all functions. Read the rest of this entry »


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Loneliness is the Most Terrible Poverty

Loneliness is the Most Terrible Poverty.

This is a well written article that nearly all TBI, brain dysfunctions, chronic illnesses, and an array of health issues deal with.  Most readers will certainly understand this this loneliness.  This will also offer insight into FM (fibromyalgia), another frequently misdiagnosed, and misunderstood disease. Take the time to read this and leave your comments.


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Laughter as brain injury medicine –Ice cream anyone?

Baskin Robbins 31

Baskin Robbins 31 (Photo credit: starmanseries)

With the warm weather upon us and those out enjoying ice cream cones it reminds me of a family outing that turned to laughter!  Oh, those simple things we say, and mean something else!

I think the most adorable Read the rest of this entry »


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Using the Immune System to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

Using the Immune System to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is some amazing research.  If the immune system can fight Alzheimer’s Disease I wonder if it will help traumatic brain injuries.  It would seem as though it could.

Click on the link “Using the Immune System to Fight Alzheimer’s Disease”.  This is an easy to understand post.  Read this and see what you think.


What’s the monetary value of this injury?

Nearly everyone believes that if they are injured at work their employer will help them.  Most people believe this because they are excellent employees and should be backed by their employers.  I just had a hearing to process my recent claims of significant physical injuries for the medical findings. Read the rest of this entry »


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Simple tips to help get proper legal representation following TBI, injuries and other issues

Legal Representation following traumatic brain injury, injuries, and other cognitive issues can help ease the burden in many aspects of life.  Don’t wait, time is of essence.  Seek help now before it’s too late.  The sooner the better to ask for assistance. Legal help can equal proper evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan  and other proper healthcare interventions. Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine – Self check-out lanes anyone? Unpredictable days?

English: Costco in Moncton, New Brunswick

This is something many individuals go through with chronic medical issues.  You ask the question should I leave the house or should I stay home.  One is always believing it will be a good day, so you go about the plans for your day.  It turns out this is more of a typical day in the life of all the above mentioned individuals.  Please laugh along.  You may be able to identify these situations with either yourself or a loved one.  I welcome any of your personal “laughter moments”! Read the rest of this entry »


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