Modern technology is great when it works … Technology Tolerance Test

21 Mar

Over the past several years we’ve become increasingly dependent upon home computers, cell phones, iPods, iPads, Tablets among other devices.  They provide instant answers, music, directions, and nearly everything at our finger tips.   When these devices quit working for some unforeseen reason life comes to a stand still and suddenly we are lost, looking for answers and trying to problem solve.

This isn’t a problem exclusively for those with brain injuries, brain dysfunction, and chronic illness.  Everyone using these devices comes across the same situation!  When the computers are down you squint and enlarge the screen of your smart phone.

We put off everything we can do on the computer until it’s fixed.  Then it takes forever to figure things out again.  So for the past several weeks one’s been stuck in “forever down mode” trying to figure things out.


Which one?


Use the one that works!

Use the one that works!








Our computers are a source of compensation, but also helps with ongoing learning.  One has spent the past few weeks with one-on-one training, group session, then every day with Apple Care support trying to solve the iPhoto problem that tripled photos with over 40,000 photos.  Now, that’s not even all one’s photos but only those downloaded.

How can anyone recall which one’s are multiples especially when you don’t know how to organize into folders?  With apple support it’s a learning process.

But your also learning it takes patience.  Patience and time that is limited.

Okay, one had wonderful technical support.  With Apple Care you’re guaranteed to have a clear English speaking (our primary language) support person, but if not you can ask for another.  While taking the computer in at nearest mall one was told it would be about two hours to reload software and backup after replacing the hard drive.

Mistake #1 was taking it in on a Friday.  Forgetting to take in the external hard drive for backup.  Maybe this was not forgetting, as one had that fleeting thought to take the external hard drive, but then again expected to be dropping it off for the repair and returning on a Saturday morning.

Should’ve never taken in on weekend.  Crowded, noisy, and patience was wearing thin after 10 days of not figuring out problem.  Thought it was an exception as the hard drive was replaced the night before.  Awe, was finally moving ahead.  Wish would have thought this through earlier.  Two hours could work, but that’s the maximum tolerance.

Don’t tell me 30 minutes, another 30 minutes, another 15 minutes, another 45 minutes, “we can’t really tell”, and all-in-all when computer was reloaded 5 hours had passed and far exceeds most anyones tolerance.  At least mine anyway!

I wish I thought to take the external hard drive with me when they replaced the hard drive the evening before but I thought I was just dropping it off.  If I knew that I would have saved much needed time.

I tried to reinstall from TimeMachine but there weren’t any directions telling me to “click on the icon” …. silly me why I didn’t think to click on the icon.  Sure would have saved hours of frustration.  Guess it’s those simple things that can make life difficult!  I’m sure I’m not alone on the journey with technology, but at least we keep on keeping on with determination to figure things out and learn.

I haven’t been consistent lately.  No, nothing happened to me!  I am blessed nothing has happened to me … it’s just the computer!  But, that last nerve has been frazzled for sure!  I’m on the road to learning again and catching up … at a snail’s pace but at least it’s moving in the right direction!

What have you discovered with technology that is helpful?  Or is not helpful?  Below is how I describe what I call the Technology Tolerance Test.


  • Determine if the problem is technology or you
  • Hope you get support that clearly speaks your native language
  • Expect to be disconnected
  • Try to describe problem with technical support when terminology is limited
  • Explanations of problems of any sort are difficult when areas of the brain have specific communication difficulties, even though spontaneous communication is “good”
  • Spend days or weeks trying to problem solve as though you have nothing else to do
  • Senior advisor discovers problem and sets up appointment to take computer in
  • Genius bar questions Senior advisor decision even though you’ve spent past 10 days working through all areas and using remote access
  • Diagnostics finally discovers it’s a hardware problem and not yours after a couple hours telling me they don’t need to replace hard drive.
  • Now they don’t know why the problem but they need to do as Senior Advisor’s conclusion.
  • Fixing the problem? Hopeful it will work.
  • You can’t really determine if problem is fixed for days or weeks as you need to relearn everything first
  • The case number may be closed out before you can finally get the basics set up
  • Relearning computer as it’s been too long since you could consistently use it
  • Still trying to figure out where to start and how to start things
  • Forgetting had another computer
  • Was this forgetting or not remembering?
  • Doesn’t matter that there was another computer because don’t remember it anyway as it’s a different operating system
  • Guess it’s a new experience to relearn everything
  •  At least one has the ability to learn or relearn, and that’s a blessing!
  • “Frustration” is a Mild term when testing one’s technology tolerance
  • Yep, you discover this is just a “Technology Tolerance Test”
  • One must have passed the test because here you are again with the keyboard at one’s figure tips
  • No, it doesn’t seem to be working quite right, but it’ll do for now

Others have difficulty resolving problems.  What type of problems have you endured and how did you resolve them?




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