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Laughter as brain injury medicine – Words with double meanings

Laughter is imperative to recover from brain injury and all other issues that affect your health. If it were not for keeping a sense of humor one does not know how one could survive.  There have and continue to be plenty of tears shed in the meantime.  They aren’t just your tears, but those closest to one’s situation…that care and love one.  They also suffer immensely without education or help.

Jazz Has a Sense of Humor

Jazz Has a Sense of Humor (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most have learned to laugh with me, but they cry with me too.  They probably cry because I make them absolutely miserable at times! Read the rest of this entry »


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These are excellent steps to conquering negative emotions of fear, anger and lonely. Think about how this could work in your life.


I now know professionals were taken advantage of my situation

Professionals know what they can and cannot do. How can they get away with this?  Brain injured and many patients do not know this and depend on the trusted and working relationship with the healthcare professional.  I cannot believe I would be so foolish to follow explicit instructions, but I did. Yep, to get a home equity loanand pay $4477.40 was only one situation Read the rest of this entry »


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Simple tips to help you feel better instantly

When you feel as though everything you are doing isn’t helping there is still something you can do to help make yourself feel better.  You’re probably tired about hearing you need good nutrition and exercise.  This is true, good nutrition and exercise are essential to your optimal level of health.  Nutrition and exercise needs to be a lifestyle change and that takes at least 5 weeks of consistent change.  What about an instant change that doesn’t include nutrition or exercise? Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine – Where is he?

So many different things happen with brain injuries and brain dysfunction and as sad as so many things are, it’s really important to laugh daily.  Laughter is the best medicine.  Research proves that laugher helps heal.  With brain issues at the moment the incident occurs there really isn’t anything to laugh about because the person is so frustrated with the ignorant things that happen … it takes awhile to step back at that particular situation and laugh. Read the rest of this entry »


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Trusting my neuropsychologist after traumatic brain injury 1992-2000

Akron, Ohio

Akron, Ohio (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Patients depend on trustworthy healthcare professionals.  The majority are trustworthy and understand their limitations and boundaries and others do not.  Who else better to trust than an understanding neuropsychologist? This was someone who represented herself as a professional in Akron, OhioRead the rest of this entry »


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Training the brain could help reduce pain

So many people have chronic pain and it seems like there’s no solution, or very little help.  Some things work, some times it works, but in between that time you are still plagued with pain. All people want is for their body to be comfortable…at least some of the time!

I’ve discovered this scientific news May 17, 2012 about the most recent findings of why there is chronic pain and what is happening in the brain.  This article really spells that out and also offers much hope.

If you suffer from any sort of pain, take the time to read this brief article from Science News. It offers better understanding into pain.

Training the brain could help reduce pain.


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Simple tips if you are getting ready for that special occasion

Economy type silicone rubber musicians earplug...

Attending all the family gatherings and events this time of year can be extremely difficult for those with injuries, chronic illnesses, and brain injuries or dysfunction.  Here are a few tips that are helpful to get through these events and yet enjoy the people who are present.  It exhausts those dealing with the above-mentioned issues, so planning and organization is the key.   Read the rest of this entry »


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This is a big reason we can’t get health care

I found one of the real reasons why I couldn’t get medical care.  Healthcare professionals are not doing their jobs as I have repeatedly written about.  Please take a look at the following news clip.  I was contacted by someone close to my situation and was advised of news release today. Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine – Permanent Hairdo?

A Day in My Life. Keep Smiling!

Brain injury survivors need to laugh at the things that happen.  Even some of the most difficult times can be funny…at least when you reflect on what happened.  Communication difficulty of various degrees occur with brain injury.  This situation is an unfortunate communication barrier. I give details surrounding the situation so others can better understand what happens in the lives of brain injured survivors. Read the rest of this entry »


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Trust who with your life and healthcare? Why?

Trust is a basic need.  When your life and health is jeopardized because those who you trust do not help where can you turn and what happens? I was initially injured October 30, 1991 and a subarachnoid hemorrhage in December 22, 1991.  I was not treated or diagnosed with a subarachnoid hemorrhage until 2000 after gathering my medical records and having them reviewed as well as an excellent medical doctor who listened.   Read the rest of this entry »


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Simple tips to help deal with memory problems

Digital Camera Magazine (August 2011)

Digital Camera Magazine (August 2011) (Photo credit: midlander1231)

Are you having difficulty with your memory and want to know how you can help yourself.  Here are some tips to help compensate for memory problems. There are a list of ways to cope with these deficits.  The first way you can begin to help yourself is by keeping a journal and documenting. Immediately following an injury or dealing with brain dysfunction you may need a friend, spouse, or significant other to help document in a journal. Have you tried using a camera to record everything in your life? One will give suggestions of how this works. Read the rest of this entry »


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This is excellent and everyone needs to read this.

Brain Health Resources

One of the doctors that has been at the forefront of the battle against traumatic brain injury (TBI) and chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is Dr. Daniel Amen. He has been working with athletes, military servicemen, and other brain trauma patients to provide a treatment regimen to help them to better cope with living with the effects of CTE and TBI — memory loss, dementia and depression. As Dr. Amen said recently, “My hope is that through increased awareness and education we can help these athletes before it’s too late.”

Since people with the CTE and TBI condition often do not have visible scars, it is hard for most people, including some physicians and other medical providers, to understand the extent to which short-term memory loss affects one’s ability to cope with daily living. Things that other people take for granted just takes much longer…

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Laugher as brain injury medicine – Surprise party?

Laugh with us.  Brain injury survivors struggle with difficult times day in and day out.  Some of the crazy things that happens appear quite comical in retrospect.  The series of Laugher will help others understand that life is very different on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »


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Children learn what they live has been a favorite poem of mine. I pray parents and grandparents keep these words and thoughts to help foster a healthy child growing into adult years. This is an excellent post regarding the same. This is the way to nurture a healthy child. Happy reading!

Sweet Fresh Love!

i’ve been doing some reading on parenting. yesterday in one of the books, i read this now famous statement: children learn what they live. growing up, i remember there was a wall hanging in our home that had this saying. (i think there’s a whole poem that elaborates this…) despite the fact that i’ve seen it since i was a child, it is only now, as a parent of a stunning, amazing 2 year old girl, that i understand this statement so completely. it got me thinking: what is my daughter learning from how i live my life?

i wondered: is she learning that caring for your neighbour, near and far, is important? am i modelling what it is to care about others? is she learning that justice is important and that we must contribute our voice and our actions to ensure it where it is missing? is she learning…

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School-Age Children’s Responses to Parents with Disabilities

This rehabilitation nursing journal article School-Age Children’s Responses to Parents with Disabilities was written and completed just one week prior to the assault of traumatic brain injury.  It was not published until 2 years later after having a colleague co-author and help submit the manuscript for publishing. Read the rest of this entry »


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When your doctor won’t listen

O. M. Lanstrum, Physician, Helena, Montana. (1911)

O. M. Lanstrum, Physician, Helena, Montana. (1911) (Photo credit: Butte-Silver Bow Public Library)

Many patients go to the doctor with complaints only to feel they have never been heard.  You know when there is something wrong.  You know all the struggles in your life. You are your best advocate, unless you are fortunate to have someone help you out.  The question is what do you do “When your doctor won’t listen?” Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine – Telephone?

It’s something new for everyone on this website.  LAUGHTER! Everyone with brain injury or brain dysfunction of any sort have some silly things they do periodically, but some of us more frequently than others…like several times a day!


Laughter… (Photo credit: leodelrosa…)

  At the time we do these goofy things we are frustrated with ourselves we either cry or think of ourselves as “plain stupid.” It really doesn’t seem funny at the time, because we just simply can’t figure out what is wrong and don’t notice.  In retrospect, when we realize what we did we can laugh!  It’s truly difficult to understand this, until you’ve been there. Read the rest of this entry »


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