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Understanding : Brain Aneurysm Statistics and Facts IT IS MY DUTY TO SPREAD AWARENESS

This is an excellent, informative and educational writing that all should read.  It especially highlights subarachnoid hemorrhage.  Please take the time to read the following link:

Understanding : Brain Aneurysm Statistics and Facts IT IS MY DUTY TO SPREAD AWARENESS.


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Need help? Simple tips: Where do I go? When? How can I ask for help?

So many might think asking for help comes naturally.  Millions of individuals never need to ask for help, hence they do not know how. Of all these people life goes on without great difficulty because they easily deal well with daily living…until that event occurs that changes their lives forever.  Until that time you probably were independent with everything in your life organized and successful.  Most likely, you put others first and everyone seemed to look to you for answers. Unfortunately asking for help following a brain injury sometimes seems impossible simply because all the other consequences of this devastating injury.  It’s a travesty that with all the recent media attention so many are struggling with life altering changes that fluctuate from day-to-day and year-to-year without rehabilitation or help.  Others simply do not understand.

The first key to getting help is to find someone who listens! After getting someone to listen I have included several different ideas to ask for help and receive it for traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and other chronic illnesses as well as any life problems to reach your highest level of functioning. Read the rest of this entry »


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FDA Considering Making Many Drugs OTC

I’m reblogging this so you can be educated about what is happening with the FDA and our over the counter medications.  Please read if you are taking any medications.  This is simply for educational purposes, help to clarify what is happening and how to take care of yourself.  Thanks for reading.

FDA Considering Making Many Drugs OTC.


Healthcare professionals with a traumatic brain injury. Who should know better? 2 of 3

Brain Injury Awareness: Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone.  Healthcare professionals are not exempt from this devastating traumatic brain injury. Without more education, understanding and research how do you think this could compromise your health? How many healthcare professionals are dealing with current brain injuries? We should start doing pilot or research studies on this, or at the very least surveys.

I functioned without difficulty until this last injury.  It’s imperative we educate healthcare workers before this happens to them.  It’s always an after thought.  The I should’ve, would’ve, could’ve scenario!  Stop it from happening to begin with. Prevention is key and they should all know that! When does someone step in to help?  When should they return to work?  Two weeks after brain surgery?  Two months after injury?  Where are the guidelines? What and who are protecting patients? Who is helping the healthcare professionals through this difficult time?  They are always helping other people at work…but what happens when it is a healthcare professional?  That’s the key…when it happens to a healthcare professional then everyone is expected to understand and help.  That is not the case. Few understand and fewer care.  This is all about brain injury awareness and patient safety and advocacy.  You don’t want to be a patient! Read the rest of this entry »


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Protect our nurses from violence: Kennedy-Nurse violence

The law applies to some and others get away with bad behavior or criminal behaviors. Either way, the nurses can easily be injured.  Quit beating up our nurses!  Most child/infant abductions are by family members.  These nurses were doing their job!

‘I can’t believe I was assaulted by a Kennedy’, says nurse ‘kicked in the crotch by RFK’s son when she tried to stop him taking his baby outside’
Read more:


Unless you get it, you just dont get it…

Unless you get it, you just dont get it….

I read this, and I think everyone with a Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury and Chronic Illness (mental or physical) can understand these ignorant comments.

Take a look and think about how many times you’ve heard so many of these comments.  Gee, how easy life was when I could jump out of bed, get dressed, take care of family, go to work, go to school, do community work, etc…and if only we could do that again!  Instead not only do you deal with the daily problems you need to deal with ignorant and uneducated individuals.

This was an excellent posting.  Hope you can identify with this.  You are not faking it, you are not crazy, this is not drama… this is your LIFE and it is REALITY!


How do you really feel dealing with traumatic brain injury? Video by me!

If you are dealing with brain injury you spend many days just standing at the crossroads in life, and wondering which way to go!  It’s not easy when families walk away, friends  leave, and your pet(s) stays!  Traumatic brain injury affects the entire family system including the animals. Pet therapy and their unconditional love help patients and families cope throughout this difficult journey. It’s priceless.  Animals are consistently the most therapeutic in this lengthy rehabilitation process for these special families.  This unimaginable journey is affected in every aspect of life: physiologically, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. Families walk away, friends leave, and animals stay.

 Poor judgment is only one issue of this complex injury.  In this video one can see that even the dog’s health was jeopardized.  Read the rest of this entry »


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