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Laughter is the best brain injury medicine … Thanksgiving dinner the vegetarian style

Over the years I have learned to compensated with precision.  To have a holiday dinner Read the rest of this entry »


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Simple tips to help with sleep disturbances

Sleep disturbances with mild, moderate and severe brain injuries are one of the most disturbing symptoms following brain injury and are three times greater than the general population.  Are sleep problems taken seriously?  Inability to sleep is a severe Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine … Changing times

Stop and spend a little time laughing.  At times life is too serious.  What time is it anyway?


America changes from daylight savings time to standard time and vice versa in the Spring and Fall seasons.  We all remember phrases “Fall Back” or “Spring Ahead?”   Turn the clocks back one hour in the Fall and turn ahead an hour in Spring.  

When do you change the clocks? What month? What week? It’s always Sunday morning at 2:00 am, but

Read the rest of this entry »


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Have you read “Are Hospitals Less Safe Than We Think?”

In Newsweek September 17, 2012, John Hopkins surgeon, Marty Makary addressed a number of problems within our healthcare system that employees do not talk about. Read the rest of this entry »


Simple tips … Where have all your friends gone Part 3 of 3

Everyone should have a Living Healthcare Will highlighting who is significant and who is not. Does your friend know where you keep it?  Make sure Read the rest of this entry »


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How to get paid as a Caregiver is important to all my readers. Click on the links to help you understand and see if you qualify as you care for someone.


Laughter is brain injury medicine … Where are you

Shortly after we began moving … and we are still moving 6 months later!  I just Read the rest of this entry »


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