Debunking Ten Myths of (TBI) “Recovery”?

16 Apr

Click on the red link above to the “10 myths of Head-Injury”.  The Ten Myths of “Recovery” after head injury is thought provoking. Take the time to review all 10 myths of head-injury. These same myths can be applied to anyone dealing with chronic illness or any illness. It identifies what happens inside our healthcare system and how it actually affects the family.

Broken Brain - Brilliant Mind

The 10 myths of Head-Injury

~from CH2 “The Nature of Head Injury” by Thomas Kay, Ph.D. and Muriel Lezak, Ph.D., the book is entitled “Traumatic Brain Injury and Vocational Rehabilitation”, Published by The Research and Training Center, University of Wisconsin-Stout.

Myth #1: The Concept of “Recovery”
Throughout this chapter we avoid such phrases as “recovery after head injury,” There is a reason for this. Most people’s experience, and therefore expectations, regarding illness and injury is one of temporary reduction in functioning, followed by a gradual return to normalcy. People get sick, go to hospital, and get better. Bones are broken, casts applied for a period, muscle strength regained over several months, and scars fade.

When commonplace notion of recovery is applied to head injury, however, considerable harm can be done. Almost never does a patient “recover;” the residual deficits are usually significant and permanent. The…

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