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This article emphasizing ADD, TBI, and any number of brain dysfunction that occur. Please take some time to review this if you deal with any chronic injuries or diseases as well. This is written by an expert in the area and holds an array of information. Please mark this site and refer others to help educate the world. Thank you in advance to all my readers. Please leave comments.

ADD . . . and-so-much-more

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Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – Part 3a

Intractable Ignorance:
forming an opinion without knowing very much about a subject
while refusing to investigate any information
that might change one’s mind;
closed mindedness;
cognitive inflexibility.

Feed Your Head

I will always stare in mouth-open amazement whenever I hear statements that might as well be saying, “I don’t believe that ADD is a legitimate disorder”  from intelligent and otherwise well-informed individuals.

  • Part of the the lack of acceptance and understanding is certainly the fact that ADD/EFD is what we call an invisible disorder — unlike many physical disabilities, for example.
  • Behaviors are visible, of course, but far too many people labor under the illusion that all “[mis]behavior”  is ALWAYS within the…

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