31 Jul

Gathering the Tribe: TBI-2 is the only article I have read that support every person with brain dysfunction at its core. It describes what makes things worse and the most important to helping is the support of others who are non-judgmental and accepts people for who they are, not who they believe that person be! It also identifies how trying harder, doesn’t heal and make things “better”…and can actually make it worse! Please take the time for you and those you believe can help you if they have a better understanding. This is an exceptional educational tool, and you will see your own experiences on this website. Take a look and leave your comments on this site as well as! Thanks for educating others.

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ACO Conference Binder 2012 –
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Madelyn Griffith-Haynie – Part 3b

Intractable Ignorance:  forming an opinion
without knowing very much about a subject,
refusing to investigate any information
that might change one’s mind;
closed mindedness; cognitive inflexibility.

It takes a village to educate a world

To underscore an essential point, I want to reiterate what I said in the first part of this article, making a comparison between the challenges of Traumatic Brain Injury and Attention Deficit Disorder [Lessons from the TBI Community]:

Individuals who find it difficult to “drive their own brains” (in either community) are FAR from having the understanding and support they deserve — from their professional caretakers, the people who claim to love them, or the random strangers on the street who believe they have the right to voice their opinions about the what a fellow human being “should” be…

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