Simple tips staying safe when the lights go out

03 Aug

Simple tips staying safe when the lights go out. Have you ever had problems with your balance? Has the power gone off and you need to hold onto flashlight and other things for safety?  How can you manipulate the environment in the dark?  Keeping safe while helping the elderly, children or another in your home all while trying to find a lighted environment. When the power fails keeping anxiety under control can be difficult. Keep control.  Anxiety is contagious. Finding your way is helpful.

Head Lamp and backlight (LEDs)

Head Lamp and backlight (LEDs) (Photo credit: Pedalofilo)

Before you can help another person when the lights go out, you need to think ahead.  Sure, flashlights are helpful and everyone needs one.  Candles are out.  They can be a fire hazard.  It’s much easier to have the camping headlights on hand to keep everyone safe.  Children love them and it keeps their anxiety under control.  They are distracted when they are told they need to be detectives with their headlights.  It becomes a game.

Remember to include all children.  This is something even those in wheelchairs love to do, and are very capable of doing.  Never leave a special needs child out of fun!  They should be included in everything, and especially when it can be fun!

There are several types of camping headlights/headlamps.  Most have adjustments from low to high lighting.  Some even have flashing lights and other emergency features.  Find the type that meet your needs.

Safety when the lights go out

  • Headlights/headlamps (found in camp stores, sporting goods section of most stores, dollar stores)
  • Battery operated candles
  • Flashlights or blinking lights that can be worn around the wrist, waist, or whatever body part is safe.  (You might want to make your own-wrist band, etc.)

Benefit of camping headlights

  • Both hands are free
  • Can easily assist those in need
  • Decreases anxiety
  • Young children can be helpful

Headlights have become reasonably priced.  They allow one to use both hands to handle young children, elderly, keep your balance, and many other uses.  There are usually different intensities on these lights.  Children love these ideas.  Get them use to these safety devices and you will deal with less anxiety.  Make it a game before the power does go out.  Teach children how they can help if the power goes out.

There are book lights to use at night but I have found them difficult to manage compared to the headlamp.

reading city of thieves

reading city of thieves (Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker)

If children don’t like reading, this is a good way to encourage reading.  Children will find it fun to lay in bed with a headlamp to read.  Try it.

Children can have fun with lights attached to wrist, ankles, waist as a way to play during lengthy power outages.  Be creative and help keep anxiety at bay with pleasurable activities when the power goes out, sleep-overs or camping adventures.

Other uses of headlights/headlamps

  • Reading at night
  • Prevents your partner from being exposed to other annoying lights
  • Getting out of bed at night

This idea is also effective if you find that bed sharing is difficult with your partner.  You can’t fall asleep and your partner does quickly.  Does your reading light keep your partner awake?  This is a good compromise for all these issues mentioned.

You can lay in bed and not have the reading light affect your partners sleep.  The headlight can stay focused onto your reading material at hand and use the intensity that works best for you.  With computers and kindles readily available, the hard copy book or reading material is less prevalent.  I myself find a hard copy easier to follow, and easier to remember.

Power outages & safety for everyone

  • Camping headlights
  • Battery operated candles
  • Lights that can be tied around ankles, wrist or waist for children or others needing assistance

Additional uses

  • Evening and night gatherings
  • Sleep-overs for children
  • Night time games for children/adults

 When the electricity or power is on ….Always keep a night light ON in bathrooms and rooms you need to walk during the dark/night.  Lights also decrease confusion.  Safety is always key.


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