Be back soon!

15 Sep

I apologize for the long delay responding and writing.  It’s been an overwhelming summer: listing a home for sale, putting that on hold while a friend living with us was hospitalized for 6 weeks, vacationing and camping in Wyoming and Montana when spouse was injured on a motorcycle ride, and finally progressively pursuing rental of home and ongoing packing … life happens and we take the journey with detours and bumps in the road but we keep moving ahead!

Montana Rt. 212

Montana Rt. 212 Bear Tooth Highway

It does not matter what happens, but what matters is how we handle them … and I continue to handle everything with love, support, sincerity, care, concern, courage, and finally gratitude for another growing experience albeit overwhelming.

My sincere appreciation to all those who stopped to offer emergency care to my spouse. Someday I hope to reach all those who took the time to help. Because of this situation, my faith has been restored in knowing there are many sincere and caring people in our society.

I have two loving siblings and their spouses on our trip that handled the later accident and help problem solve while I stayed by my spouse’s side during his hospitalization and for many reasons I am blessed, but especially with my supportive siblings.

We continued the journey with humor, fun and much laughter! The spouse is doing exceptionally well with rehabilitation. These situations have been unpredictable and prioritizing life’s situations has been challenging but not unbearable.  It’s not drama, it is life! I am planning to return within the next week.  Thank you for understanding and inquiring.

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  1. behindthemaskofabuse

    September 16, 2013 at 12:07 am

    Hugs xo


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