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NO contact possible: mugged at gunpoint

I’ve been behind on everything,and I’m sad about the recent assault I’ve just read. Remember, even during our own ups-and-downs in life our readers are in thought and prayers. So many things have been happening but please read what has happened to my dear friend “Madelyn” at She helps others. It’s time we help her. Suggestions anyone? Just dropping a note or reading her posts is a kind and thoughtful g

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Monday 2/17/14 UPDATE HERE

Thursday 1/30/14 UPDATE

Modern medicine is very different than the last time I had broken bones – in my right leg – but, unfortunately, bones don’t heal correspondingly rapidly.

I came home from my Jan. 28th appointment with Xrays that showed enough healing of the multiple spiral fractures I sustained during the robbery to move to the next step.  I now have what is called a “removable cast” on my right arm. supporting further healing of my right hand.

The great news is that, after 31 very grungy and self-esteem decimating days, I could finally take a bath and wash my hair.  Also that I can begin the process of training the fingers of my dominant hand to work in consort again.

Since tendon damage over the breaks has currently “crippled” my two middle fingers, I still cannot type very well (or rapidly), but I am now, finally…

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