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I was touched to read that some people think brain injury can simply be put aside and life goes on. Life does go on, but in whatever direction the brain takes you. Every day is a challenge and it does not help when others do not understand. I don’t want others to learn either, because it can be torture. Brain injury is not easy, it’s not a choice of how you want your day to unfold, it’s the unpredictable paths a damaged brain takes one on and is not under voluntary control. If it were voluntary, we’d all be better! This young woman clearly helps others along her own difficult journey. She’s an inspiration to so many with traumatic brain injury and also has an on-line support group. Is this something you endure daily or even understand?


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Laughter is brain injury medicine … Duplicates, triplicates, how many do you need

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It seems like no one understands why I have too much of everything.  Doubles, triples, Read the rest of this entry »


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