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Laughter as brain injury medicine …

It is great to wake early in the morning and get to the pool before it gets busy.  It’s also routine to walk out of the house with keys in hand to unlock the car door before driving off.  What’s not routine is sitting in the passenger seat with keys in hand and waiting for…what I have no idea?

Last two pieces of pumpkin pie and they are mi...

No, I don’t know why I was in the passenger seat!  It was far past midnight so I’ve already turned into a Pumpkin or maybe 5:30 a.m. I was Pumpkin Pie!  Oh the silly things we do … and it’s really never a problem if one figures it out.

Hey, I realized I couldn’t drive while in the passenger seat.  It’s really only a problem if I think I can start the car in the passenger side of the vehicle and drive away.  I was safe with the seatbelt on in the passenger side, even though I wasn’t going anywhere!

What did you do that seems bizarre, but in your heart you know you’re not alone?

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