08 May

Children learn what they live has been a favorite poem of mine. I pray parents and grandparents keep these words and thoughts to help foster a healthy child growing into adult years. This is an excellent post regarding the same. This is the way to nurture a healthy child. Happy reading!

Sweet Fresh Love!

i’ve been doing some reading on parenting. yesterday in one of the books, i read this now famous statement: children learn what they live. growing up, i remember there was a wall hanging in our home that had this saying. (i think there’s a whole poem that elaborates this…) despite the fact that i’ve seen it since i was a child, it is only now, as a parent of a stunning, amazing 2 year old girl, that i understand this statement so completely. it got me thinking: what is my daughter learning from how i live my life?

i wondered: is she learning that caring for your neighbour, near and far, is important? am i modelling what it is to care about others? is she learning that justice is important and that we must contribute our voice and our actions to ensure it where it is missing? is she learning…

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