Laughter as brain injury medicine – Where did they go

25 Jul

Laughter helps the body, mind and soul heal.  It seems like life has so many twists and turns, is unpredictable daily, and we find ourselves walking around aimlessly many days in our own homes. What happens when you visit a cemetery of a loved one when all the plots look the same and a long time has passed since one was able to visit?

Moved without leaving forwarding address?

I was never to this cemetery before and I thought I’d take my dear cousin to show me where her parents were buried.  She hadn’t been there for some time as conserving energy is important while dealing with chronic illnesses. I don’t make it a habit to frequent cemeteries, and either does she.

We walked back and forth and couldn’t find the spot.  I looked around and questioned if they were by a lake.? Yes.  Were they by any trees? No  Were they by the road? Yes

She just stood there and stared.  She was certain the site was nearby and appeared puzzled.  I told her to wait while I took one last look.  As I walked under a large shade tree I stumbled upon the site.  I turned and shouted to my cousin that I found them!  She thought I was joking.

She shouted to me and said, “they aren’t by any trees”.  I yelled back without thinking and said “They moved and didn’t leave a forwarding address!”  We stood there and just laughed.  She thought I was joking. When I read off the birth and death years she realized I wasn’t joking.

Landscaping business?

Landscaping anyone? Change of address?

I’ve determined that with memory issues we may forget some things, but the basic things remain the same.  In this case a tree was planted and grew quickly or they moved.

My husband and I returned to the cemetery so we could clean off the headstone.  At this time we decided they have gone into the landscaping business.  Here we found a commercial lawn tractor parked at their site.  So they are into planting trees and lawn equipment! We hope they report their change of address and landscaping business to the IRS!


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2 responses to “Laughter as brain injury medicine – Where did they go

  1. Three Well Beings

    July 25, 2012 at 7:43 pm

    I take my camera to the cemetery to keep track of details, because I have wandered entirely too often and felt so badly that I can’t find the right spot! But in truth, you’re right…the landscape does change! 🙂 You certainly made the best of a situation and the awkwardness promoted a good opportunity to laugh! Debra

    • brain injury self rehabilitation (BISR)

      July 26, 2012 at 3:37 pm

      Thank goodness for digital cameras! The expense we have paid out prior to digital cameras was enormous, but it was a coping mechanism. I encourage everyone to take pictures everywhere…it helps figure out directions, reminders, and just simply memories! I’ve had simple minded relatives laughing at me constantly because of all the pictures I’ve taken…but they haven’t traveled the same road as I and many others do…and I hope they never have too!


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