Laughter is the best brain injury medicine … just one childhood moment with friend

19 Dec

With all the sadness in the world, it’s time to laugh again! Have you ever done something as a child you never told your parents about? What was the motivation for doing it? Children are innocent and they have memories their parents may never know.  The secrets they keep because they were wrong, they know they were wrong, and they fear punishment.


As life goes on, they begin sharing some of the silliest moments.  Over a recent dinner shared by family and friends I shared a precious moment that others also feel hilarious.  The best part of this is the other person involved in this scenario was also at dinner.  They heard both sides of the story, so I’ll share this silly friendship drama! Of course it would be better listening to this in person, but you’ll get the visual!



lawson (Photo credit: Yuya Tamai)


I was about 7 or 8 years old.  My childhood best friend is a year younger.  So this is between the years of 6 and 8 years old. She lived across the street from me.  It seemed like we couldn’t do anything by ourselves.  We had each other to walk to school, to attend brownies and girl scouts, to play at the nearby playground, and to run small errands for our parents at the corner store.


I’m not sure why we needed to go to Lawson’s but it was most likely for milk, eggs or bread!  While we were there we both stole a “chunky bar” then ran from the store! Yep, I guess I was a felon, but it was short lived!  It wasn’t something we did before, and it wasn’t something we did again!


Nestlé Chunky

Nestlé Chunky (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Yep, those silver and red wrapped chocolate squares. Chunky bars with raisins and still sold today … 50 years later! We were chased out of the store.  I never ran so fast in my life.  My friend ran fast, but she threw down her “chunky bar” in the parking lot.  Not me … I was determined to eat my chunky bar!


Everyone knew who we were.  Not because we were trouble makers, but because we were always helping others.  I’m sure if they wanted to report this “chunky” theft they could give our names, addresses, and telephone numbers.  What child would think of that?  It didn’t matter, it was scary and we never did it again!  We probably could have asked for a “chunky bar” and they probably would have given it to us!


Worse yet, after my friend went home her mother said, “I need you to go to Lawson’s and get a loaf of bread.”  Her heart sank to her feet!  I was home free! She was on her own!  Down the street she went, and back to Lawson’s!  Oh how frightening that was for her!  Have you ever had that fear as a child where you could just pee your pants.  This was exactly that type of feeling.


Gosh, she didn’t even stop by to pick me up.  It must have been the longest, and lonely walk back to the store.  Her chunky bar wasn’t on the ground!  Did they pick it up?  Did other children find it?


With surprise, she entered the store bought the bread and no one said a thing.  The fear that must have entered her body from head to toe, was relieved quickly when she left the store this time.


Into our adult life I have mailed a chunky bar, or just picked one up as a special treat to her!  It’s a chocolate bar that will keep us laughing till the day we die … and this laughter only cost about a nickel .05 cents back in the late 1950 or early 60s!


Have you ever done anything like this?  What was it and what were the results?




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