Medications that help but what it takes to get them Part 1 of 2

08 Apr

The roles everyone plays in helping patients get their medications can mean the difference between proper healthcare and not.  The following are just a couple examples of what it takes to get medication, even when you have insurance.

Example #1

In October one’s medication was not filled as requested.  We drove 50 miles to the physicians office to speak with someone who could shed light onto the problem. The secretary sent my prescription directly to Express Scripts.  We were told they are very slow.

We were going out-of-town and needed the prescription.  Another prescription was written for 30 days.  We took it to Walgreens and we were told we could not get it filled because “it was too early”.  Surmised “it was too early” because Express Scripts had processed the order but we did not receive it yet.

Pharmacy Rx symbol

Pharmacy Rx symbol (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now I had a prescription that was not good, they would not fill it.  I had NO medication, but it was somewhere in the processing.  Now, I certainly understand the need to skip doses to stretch medications rather than be totally left without.

In the meantime, we were going out-of-town and left without proper medication.  These are not unusual situations for people with chronic illness, they struggle frequently with these things and use a significant amount of energy fighting for the things they need to remain healthy.  

Example #2

In January I called in plenty of time leaving a message to “please send the prescription directly to Express Scripts”.  Assuming it was being handled the same way as it was in October and again out-of-town I was surprised a month later in February that the prescription was in our mail and never submitted.

Now, I needed to mail the prescription and wait delivery.  As we continue to be out-of-town frequently I did not expect the medication needed a signature for delivery.  There were 3 UPS stickers on my front door and a notice in the mail that my delivery would be  sent back to sender by March 6 since delivery attempt failed 3 times.

It was March 5, we left Ohio at 4:00 am to drive back home in Michigan with 2 scheduled doctors appointments.  Obviously, I had no energy left to run around over a prescription of much needed medication.  When the physical energy is depleted there is no way to get any more!  I’m much better than the years 1991-2010!  I still have my limitations, but I can’t complain.  Now when my energy is depleted, I’ve pushed myself till it’s gone and usually takes a few hours rather than a few minutes.

My husband went to UPS and signed for the delivery.  Finally 2 months after I called this medication in to the physician’s office I had it in my hand.

Has anyone else been through this runaround? How do you think we can make it better for others?

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