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Expectations set by appearance

Since TBI and Chronic Illness are invisible, appearances mean more than we think. How we dress, our attitude, and self-esteem make a difference of how people treat you. It seems as though when “appearance” is the only thing you can “control” when everything and in everyway your body worked is unpredictable you resort to doing what you can to feel your best. Read this article on how “appearance can be deceptive” and try to be congruent with feelings.
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Getting PAST the Visual?

by Madelyn Griffith-Haynie, CTP, CMC, ACT, MCC, SCAC
A Walking a Mile in Another’s Shoes Post

A recent conversation on a TBI article, Laughter is Brain Injury Medicine – Relieved it’s not me … new what?  launches a conversation that deserves an exploration here — thus, the article below.

(Regular readers have probably noted that Edie, a TBIadvocate, frequently comments on the articles I put together to help, primarily, a readership that has attentional struggles and challenges. I comment on her blog as well.)

I hope you will take the time to investigate Brain Injury Self Rehabilitation,the blog sustained by the life experiences and research of former nurse Edie Flickinger.

MUCH of the information that she shares about Traumatic Brain Injury is also relevant to the rest of what…

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