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Laughter as brain injury medicine … reading

How many romance novels can one read? It’s reading that kept mother-in-law’s 96 year old mind and memory remain clear.  Who cares what type of reading? She handled finances, checkbook, and all her affairs until the day she died.  She learned so much from reading and learning is something that’s important throughout the lifespan.

..think the opposite

It was our pride that at 96 years old weekly library trips to checkout books and keep the brain and mind functioning were a priority.  She was an avid reader sparked by the sensational sexual romance books.  She told us the books have gotten better over time!

When asked if they ever bore her, she said they never do … “it keeps one’s imagination very much alive when the rest of the body is nearly dead!” 

Have you laughed today? What made you break out in laughter?

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