Laughter as brain injury medicine … Is life really a “walk in the park”?

17 Jul

A walk in the park is peaceful.  A time to slow the pace of life and take in environmental delights!  Here you’ll find uncomplicated natural things that get overlooked quickly in life.  It’s a place to take in nature and enjoy effortless things in life.  It’s stress-free place if you plan on making it a pleasurable experience.

During the past 6 weeks I needed time to gather my thoughts (if I had any left?), practice deep breathing exercise, and simply enjoy nature.  It was a time to relax!

I found the park setting as my usual peaceful environment and giving me time to refocus and pray as I made the daily drive to the hospital.  Power of prayer should never be underestimated.

Driving in traffic is hectic and I’m not tolerant of impatient drivers … I just become one more impatient driver!  I found an alternative route through the park and I avoided traffic and craziness that surrounds busy streets or highways.  Certainly I didn’t need additional craziness, there was enough in the healthcare settings!

Again, I’ve been reminded life isn’t a “walk in the park”!  Certainly, I didn’t need any more reminders but life happens! It’s just another bump in the road, and I don’t mean a chuckhole … probably more like a sinkhole!

 A “ride through the park” has the stress-free effect.  It was just a different route, as life takes us all on different paths.

So when life isn’t a “walk in the park”, take a “ride through the park” and your senses will bring you back to task and spark life when things seem so dismal.  I want to meet the person who coined the phrase “life is a walk in the park”!

When was the last time life seemed easy?

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