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Saturday photo: Horizon

It’s a different view from across America!  In Wyoming cold with daily sunshine in winter months! Can you see the brightness of life? See the beauty of winter?  Enjoy sunshine when things appear bleak?  There is always light and hope when you search for it.

Always a ray of sunshine somewhere!

Always a ray of sunshine somewhere!


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Saturday is Photo Day: Appreciating simple things through photo memories!


Awe Winter … Where White is Beautiful from Indoors Looking Out!

It’s time to keep beautiful memories alive!  Yes, it’s cold outside … but what’s more delightful than snuggling up by the fireplace with a cup of hot cocoa or roasting marshmallows indoors and making smores?

How many states don’t get snow? None.  Even Hawaii may get a little snow periodically.  Every state has recorded snowfall at one time or another, albeit rare in several states.  In 2011 there was snowfall in 49 of 50 states simultaneously … a record breaker!


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