Are You Really A Different Person After Brain Injury?

06 Mar

How often do you heard you are not the same person?  In many ways you have changed but the struggle you deal with is partly owing to all the characteristics who made you what you are today.  You are still the same person, in the literal sense.  And so much of you can not change.  You just function differently physically, emotionally and in life itself. It’s this struggle within that is so difficult.  I tried to put into encouraging words the easiest way to understand why you are NOT a different person and why you struggle with this every day.

Brain Injury does not equal Stupidity.  There is NO ONE out there that is any less intelligent because they have a brain injury. The connections might be lost temporarily or even permanently but it’s still all there somewhere.  As connections are repaired even the permanent loss will connect up in a new way and retrieve what was consider “permanent”.  What you struggle with are others and how they deal with brain injury. You look and function well.  You are not responsible for their lack of knowledge and education except to help with understanding and offer education.   They don’t live it and feel it  every second of every day. What I do know is to survive you must have:  You have a strong mind, strong heart, and strong soul!

For those with brain injury you have no choice!  It’s a life or death situation…Do it or die. The daily struggle one has: Is a brain that does not heal quickly.    YOUR mind, heart or soul was not injured.  It may have been weakened, but not cracked.  And no matter what you do you can’t speed the recovery process.  This becomes a trial of determination, strength, hope, faith and love.  I find this the ultimate struggle living with brain injury.

You are the sum of your parts:  of your mind, heart and soul.  Remember your body that does not function well is the house of your soul.  That’s what is broken.  The broken body:  A result of your broken brain.  The brain tells your body what to do.  It’s the master control and when it’s broken you can’t function well.  So how does it get fixed?

Did you ever try to drive a car on three tires?  It’s extremely difficult and you can’t get very far. And that’s if only one part of your body is not working.  What has happened is like a tornado that has hit your body.  The body being your house of your heart, mind and soul.  Where else do you think they live?lol  This body/house takes time to rebuild … but you are still living there.  When a tornado hits a house the people no longer live their and the community helps rebuild the house and the neighborhood.  Think about how difficult it is to live in a completely demolished house.  You will try to get out and get help.  You can’t get to the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere.  You are trapped.  This is similar with brain injury.

You are who you  have been and always will be.  Even though you believe and others will tell you … “you aren’t the same person”! Than who are you?  Think about this.  Food for thought. Thought of the Day:  So who injured your mind, injured your soul, or injured your heart?

A brain injury is not consistent with being strong…in mind, heart or soul.  At least that’s what others believe.  These aspects of  you remain strong in mind, strong in heart and strong is soul … albeit weakened at times!  Sometimes more often than you feel you could handle.

If you were not strong you would not have survived.  You would not have survived otherwise … regardless if you have a mild, moderate or severe brain injury or illness.  Thank your inner strength and the person you really know for getting through this MOST DIFFICULT INJURY!  You are still there.  There are so many avenues to the brain injury and healing that you feel you lost yourself.  You’re not lost (maybe literally you are!lol) … you are still there or you wouldn’t be surviving.  It’s the before injury you…that’s pulling you through.  See you are there!

Take Care and Stay Safe!


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5 responses to “Are You Really A Different Person After Brain Injury?

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  2. brokenbrilliant

    March 13, 2012 at 6:37 am

    And what we tell ourselves has an impact as well —

  3. Laurie Schuh

    April 18, 2012 at 5:36 pm

    The tornado what a great way to explain thing


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