Simple tips to help you feel better instantly

25 May

When you feel as though everything you are doing isn’t helping there is still something you can do to help make yourself feel better.  You’re probably tired about hearing you need good nutrition and exercise.  This is true, good nutrition and exercise are essential to your optimal level of health.  Nutrition and exercise needs to be a lifestyle change and that takes at least 5 weeks of consistent change.  What about an instant change that doesn’t include nutrition or exercise?

What can you do to help yourself in just a few hours?  There was nothing I could possibly change about my injury and most can’t because they are already doing everything possible to make things better.  I was doing everything possible to feel better.  Then I discovered a local cosmetology school.

Cosmetology Demonstration

Cosmetology Demonstration (Photo credit: San Diego City College)

Simple tips to change the way you feel on an affordable budget?  This is a solution for all genders: male, female, and others.  It’s hard enough when you get up every morning and use all your energy to feeling better, than you are zapped to a level of fatigue many others cannot comprehend.

This is what I found there: First, some wonderful students willing to learn and take the time to perform these services under the guidance of instructors at very low cost. Second, the instructors are kind, gentle, and compassionate people who want their clients to have a positive and delightful experience.  It’s a business but not nearly as competitive and expensive as healthcare and for a minimal fee.  Who has ever heard of a hairdresser that did not listen?

Besides, if you are the listener it will still help meeting new people and learn what is available as resources in your community.  You are guaranteed satisfaction.  You will leave with a feeling of welfare and hope, instead of dread and financial drain.  A cost for as little or less than an insurance co-pay, that is if you can afford insurance in America.

Cosmetology – Beauty Schools

  • Inexpensive
  • Various services
  • Positive & delightful experiences
  • Kind and compassionate

A single service can cost between $6.00-$20.00.  That fee is drastically reduced from the full-service salons that can charge at least double this price and up.  What are you willing to pay to feel better quickly?  This could be an easy but temporary solution.  It’s cost-effective and helps with a long-term problem or provides with a much needed rest for a caregiver or anyone in need for urgent “pick-me-up”.

English: Centre for Mental Health logo

English: Centre for Mental Health logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You can leave happier and rejuvenated in a way one will not attending a single healthcare appointment. This is healthcare in a unique way.   It definitely helps in the avenue of mental health.  Besides, your family will get a break…you won’t be home for a couple hours and they’ll have time to be alone!

Third, it’s fairly inexpensive and services include haircuts, coloring, highlights, lowlights, facials, waxing, massages, manicures, pedicures and others.

Finally, all these services enhance your well-being, self-esteem and your own perception of self in ways you cannot get in healthcare.  You’ll leave with a feeling of self-confidence. You can change the way you feel, even though it’s temporary.  This temporary boost can occur in just a few short hours and on an affordable budget.  It’s likely you will return and maintain that level of self-confidence when you discover what is available in your community for a fraction of a cost.

Search on-line for cosmetology or beauty schools in your area. The one I am referring to is in Brunswick, Ohio.  I have entertained friends and family with a day at this spa repeatedly over the years.  I have also made many referrals.

Stop in and visit the facility nearest you and see if it is up to your standards.  I was fortunate enough to find one nearby over the past several years that has excellent instructors (my favorite is Ms. K.).  The environment has a fresh, clean, and vibrant appeal.  The students are happy.  The facility is spotless.  These instructors are training some wonderful students to help with our healthcare needs in the future…improving mental health!

We all know a fresh haircut or trim helps one feel better.  It’s time you take care of yourself.  You probably have been busy taking care of everyone else, even with having your own problems.  Whether you have a brain injury, brain dysfunction, chronic illness, a caregiver, or are just looking for ways to feel better this is something you need to do for yourself.   Even if you haven’t, treat yourself to help your well-being.

Cosmetology students are under the supervision of instructors and it may take longer then the services in full-service salons but you will leave feeling satisfied and happier.  I have much satisfaction leaving a larger tip to those who are students.  This is a cost-effective move for those who are surrounded by exhorbant medical expenses and need help feeling better.

These are simple ways to help you feel better with a budget minded person who could enjoy some of the expanded services most salons do not offer and at affordable prices.

The downside is this: They do not take reservations.  Services take longer then normal because they are students.  Days and hours of service are limited.  Wait times can be excessive if it’s a busy day. You do need flexibility.  If you have patience this would work well with you.

Down-side to Cosmetology Schools

  • Longer wait time possible
  • Longer time to perform services
  • If time management..this might not be an option for you
  • Days and hours limited
  • Need flexibility
  • Need patience
  • Not be a complainer.  Focus on positives

If you are a people person there are some interesting students and interesting stories to listen to.  It’s a good time to provide education about brain injuries. You’ll find out someone always knows another with brain-injury issues. These students are all about listening…they can’t very easily walk away when they are working with you! They don’t necessarily need to know your story, but it can be anyone’s story.

If you become belligerent or hostile easily…stay home until you get out of that phase. Or, it’s just not your day to be out and about anywhere! Do yourself a favor and those around you.  Stay home.  When others don’t like me, I don’t like myself either!

Individuals and caregivers enjoy flowers and candy, but there are other options that so many don’t consider.  Consider either a gift certificate or taking your friend or relative for a day to relax. Time is valuable.  Spend time with someone you love. It could either be at a beauty or cosmetology school or a local salon.  Whatever best meets your financial budget.  It will be sincerely appreciated.

This is not an infomercial…it’s tips to help you feel your best.  As simple as these tips seem they help brain injured survivors sort through life and make the best of a difficult situations.


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2 responses to “Simple tips to help you feel better instantly

  1. susan craig

    May 27, 2012 at 12:23 am

    I found your blog for the first time tonight. As a neurobiologist who has done research in TBI and in Alzheimer’s disease, and as a woman who bore a daughter with Trisomy 13 syndrome, your insights into brain and recovery and the unique perspective you share are fascinating. Strapped for time these days–in the middle of getting ready to make a cross-country move–I look forward to perusing your archival posts in the future. For now, I will content myself with subwscribing to your blog. Keep writing!

    • brain injury self rehabilitation (BISR)

      May 27, 2012 at 10:37 pm

      With your experience raising a child with Trisomy 13 syndrome and your professional expertise is certainly a gift to share with others. My daughter just had mild cerebral palsy but from a mother’s perspective she never had the opportunities in life that I did, and I wish she had! But she’s a beautiful, loving, caring, compassionate and intelligent young lady and that’s a gift from heaven! We learn so much from these experiences. When I saw your name I immediately thought it was “Susan Craig” that I went to university in nursing, but I was delighted to see your comment and all you have to offer. I will also be following your blog for more information. Praying for your safe journey as you move cross country. Take care and stay safe.


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