Simple tips to help get proper legal representation following TBI, injuries and other issues

22 Jun

Legal Representation following traumatic brain injury, injuries, and other cognitive issues can help ease the burden in many aspects of life.  Don’t wait, time is of essence.  Seek help now before it’s too late.  The sooner the better to ask for assistance. Legal help can equal proper evaluation, assessment, diagnosis, treatment plan  and other proper healthcare interventions.

Proper legal representation is imperative to receiving holistic care when dealing with traumatic brain injuries and similar dysfunctions. The fact that brain injuries involve every aspect of living, a specialized brain injury legal representative is the best source to receiving proper treatment.

These professionals need to understand the complex injury to protect you or your loved one.  Make sure you research this fully or it may jeopardize your legal rights.  Find representatives that offer a free initial consultation. Referrals usually work best, but not always. Do your homework. The sooner the better to get your legal help.

Make sure the legal representation has your best interest in mind, and not simply money! You might need to seek a few opinions from the legal community to help you. The internet offers a wealth of information to research legal representation nearby.

  • Legal Representative specializing TBI
  • Best source for proper treatment
  • Complex injury
  • Protect you
  • Power of Attorney, Living Will and Health Care Directives

If the internet is not an available resource, the local library is always an option.  You can get assistance by a librarian and they will print off what is needed from the internet. A hard copy of information works best with TBI.  This hard copy can be read repeatedly, helping with understanding and memory.  However, paperwork can also become burdensome and another obstacle.

Limit the amount of paperwork these individuals handle.  It’s extremely taxing and difficult to work with.  Let the librarian know you or a loved one needs assistance. If you don’t ask, you won’t get the much needed help. They will assume you can handle the computers and all the aspects of maneuvering around a library.

Libraries can also be frustrating, due to the sheer amount of overwhelming stimuli from books.  It takes an abundance of mental energy to process looking at thousands of books on the displays without lifting one book or reading anything.  It is a peaceful and quiet environment, but taxing to the brain injured.

There is a lot of mental challenges within a library.  Sometimes the quiet environment can offset the over-stimuli of books and information…but that’s unpredictable!  See what works best for you or your loved-one. Librarians have a wealth of knowledge and helpful suggestions to move you in the right direction. Go during the quiet times if possible. Avoid student times when requesting assistance.  Call and ask when their slowest day and time is.  You need to seek best help possible.

  • Free consultations
  • Seek several opinions
  • Internet
  • Library-Librarian
  • Ask for assistance
  • Ask for print-off with legal representation and qualifications
  • Ask for personal references if possible

Rehabilitation is a significant source of income … for the institute or business.  This is definitely a money making business.  To get the help you need or for a loved one, please seek legal aid or a legal representative well-versed and specializing in traumatic brain injury.

If you have not been diagnosed with TBI or the number of other cognitive disorders and suspect this is a problem a legal representative can also help you get where you need to be.  Getting a problem evaluated and assessed with a plan-of-care, ultimately leads to the best possible outcome and offering an optimal level-of-functioning to the TBI client.

They are likely to connect you with the proper assessment to determine if a problem exists and how it can be treated.  Their resources are unlimited.  They have time to listen and invest in helping those overcome these most significant daily obstacles.

Do you have any legal rights?  I wish I had someone who kept our best interest in mind, that would look at our complex situation and help prevent years of abuse in such a flawed system.  Maybe someday this might still happen with all our documentation to help set a precedent for other TBI survivors. I will always help and protect others to avoid the pitfalls my family has endured.

A physician gets paid whether they do a good job or not.  A lawyer only gets paid if they do a good job in a specific area!  My work-experience includes employment with both physicians and lawyers. My TBI includes both as well.  When it came to help, I got none…wasn’t well enough to ask or how to ask for help but I tried!  Get someone to help you out now…don’t wait, otherwise it may be too late!


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4 responses to “Simple tips to help get proper legal representation following TBI, injuries and other issues

  1. Idadho

    June 22, 2012 at 12:28 am

    An attorney often gets paid whether he does a good job or not. They still get a big percentage of the award or settlement even if the settlement is much less that it should be. Many attorneys look for the settlement that pays the most contingency fee for the hours spent. Representing the more complex mTBI cases requires much more knowledge and effort and often can have long term consequences that need to be properly litigated. Representing the ‘invisible wounded’ takes expertise. Attorney Gordon Johnson has a wealth of information at and He warns mTBI and TBI injured of the pitfalls of less than expert legal representation.

    • brain injury self rehabilitation (BISR)

      June 22, 2012 at 8:08 am

      Thank you for making this correction and providing great information. I recommend that other’s check out these websites. I will use this information in another post. This is a learning process and the “invisible wounded” needs proper representation. Please continue to provide information that helps others.

  2. Writer Jobs

    June 22, 2012 at 2:27 am

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