Laughter as brain injury medicine –Ice cream anyone?

27 Jun
Baskin Robbins 31

Baskin Robbins 31 (Photo credit: starmanseries)

With the warm weather upon us and those out enjoying ice cream cones it reminds me of a family outing that turned to laughter!  Oh, those simple things we say, and mean something else!

I think the most adorable thing of this laugher is the conversation of a very young child at another table.  She was talking about how she’d rather eat asparagus then ice cream.  That is definitely an unusual but healthy attitude. I never heard such a young child  (approximately 8 years old) preferring asparagus over ice cream, especially since that is something many acquire that taste in the adult years.  How precious the words of this young child!  Maybe I was too distracted by this conversation that I couldn’t think otherwise.

As many people with TBI know, you often can’t filter out other distractions.  I have no filters, so I take in every conversation and anything going on around me.  No wonder why brain injury survivors get so exhausted.  I’ve tried ear plugs and so many other modalities to no avail. I’m sure many others can identify with this distraction.

So have you had your ice cream this summer yet?  Have you ever heard of Baskin-Robbins Ice Cream?  Yum!  It’s simply delicious, but a rare treat is all I can afford for my health sake.  While visiting with my son we decided to go out for a treat and get a sundae. In recent years Dunkin-Donuts and Baskin-Robbins have merged in stores but they are still two separate entities.

I asked: “Are we going to Dunkin-Robbins?”I didn’t realize what I said until it was repeated back to me.  Oh my, this created not only laughter but a discussion.  My son is the creative and the analytical type.  He felt it was a much catchier phrase and the company should take his suggestion to heart.

Deutsch: Dunkin Donuts in Berlin

We have since referred to our favorite ice cream place as “Dunkin-Robbins!” So sometimes things we say…others do and can enjoy the miscommunication over-and-over again.  Everyone with brain injury has stories like this, but the one’s that are most amused by these things are those closest to the survivors or those dealing with this difficulties on a daily basis.


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4 responses to “Laughter as brain injury medicine –Ice cream anyone?

  1. wendy

    June 27, 2012 at 5:21 pm

    Let’s go to Dunkin’ – Robbins or maybe Baskin-Donunts?
    This sounds like something I would do…or my husband would do on purpose. Like how Taco Bell and KFC have merged in stores. He’ll call it Kentucky Fried Tacos.
    We also decided if we ever owned a restaurant we’d all it I don’ know. Because every time we ask where do you want to eat, we say…”I don’ know.” (you know it’s said with a Southern drawl so the t is left off of Don’t.
    cute story
    I love the asparagus girl! A child after my own heart. Hummm, asparagus ice cream??

    • brain injury self rehabilitation (BISR)

      June 27, 2012 at 10:43 pm

      I love the name “I don’ know”, now that restaurant would really get the business! Just think how many times people would say “I don’ know” and that’s where they end up, because they couldn’t make up their minds. It’s difficult to be indecisive all the time! Ok, asparagus ice cream sounds very different as well. You are very creative, and I love that!

  2. goingtoandromeda

    July 2, 2012 at 8:49 pm

    No filters…that is exactly it! It’s as if I hear the person talking three tables away as clearly as the person sitting next to me. There is one side effect of this that I have found to be useful though…I am a musician and now can decipher sounds so much easier. I can hear things I didn’t hear before in pieces and songs and sort of hear them in layers…I can almost see the sounds. Some things have become so much clearer whilst everything else is a blur!

    • brain injury self rehabilitation (BISR)

      July 4, 2012 at 9:12 pm

      It’s great to hear the positive side that you found when we have NO FILTERS, to filter out external noise or conversations. If I could listen to music again that would certainly be a benefit to hear so much more. I’ll have to listen to a little and see if I notice the difference. I have noticed that things I should not have heard (as people mumbled under their breathe about me)…I heard clearly! Probably the same thing you are referring to.


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