Simple tips to easiest and most comfortable clothing Part 1 of 2

07 Sep
English: A boy in swmiming trunks

English: A boy in swmiming trunks (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dressing comfortable with easy to wear clothing is essential to the wardrobe for those with brain injuries, chronic illness, aging population, and numerous medical conditions.  The followings attires are suggestions that will help with daily living.

Indoor Attire-Clothing for Warm and Cold Weather 

Hot guy in Athens GA

Hot guy in Athens GA (Photo credit: highstrungloner) cargo shorts!

For lightweight and warm weather clothing nylon and chino material are a preference.  They are easy to clean and keep dry.  100% nylon is extremely lightweight and dries quickly. Shorts, capris, and pants need ample pockets. Cargo shorts have plenty of pockets in styles for both male and female.  Females may see if a style in men’s shorts are more comfortable.  Be flexible with your choices and opt for COMFORT and function.

Some pockets have zippers or velcro closures to prevent losing items. Sporting stores carry a good selection if you are looking for quick drying clothing.  Many department stores now have sporting areas with fitness wear that also includes many of the clothing items mentioned.

At least one pair of jeans for everyone, at every age.  They work for nearly every daily event with a simple shirt or top.

Bathing suits:

Two piece or one piece helps if you are trying to eliminate the discomfort from excessive sweating or incontinence.  Swim trunks & bathing suits can be used as layering in the summertime.

Winter cycling gear

Many may not wear shorts because self conscious of post trauma scars and other deformities caused by injury.  They are usually avoided if one has unsightly varicose veins to lower extremity prosthesis.

Convertible pants that change to shorts is another option.  If the weather changes you can unzip at the knee to become shorts.  These pants also have several pockets and can be bought in a sporting store.

Convertible pants that can be zipped off and turn to shorts offer a great alternative if you may want to change clothing later in the day and you are away from home.  Down side to these pants are the zipper may be slightly irritating with those that have difficult time with skin sensitivities or alterations in sensations may not be comfortable.  ALWAYS DRESS FOR COMFORT!

Pants with elastic waist with stretch help especially if the caregiver needs to help with dressing.  When one has difficulty with zippers or velcro, opt for the elastic waist.

***Sweatpants and sweatshirts are always comfortable and warm in the winter.

Tops, Shirts, Fleece, Sweats

  • T-Shirts (design in front helps with dressing)
  • Polo shirts (logo over pocket)
  • Drying Wicking shirts
  • Turtleneck shirts
  • Sweaters
  • Fleece jackets (pockets & zippered front)

Scarfs and turtle neck shirts or sweaters keep the neck warm.  Many people do not like anything around the neck, but keeping the neck warm in the winter time helps stop neck (cervical) spasms and headaches caused by spasms and cold weather.

Whatever you find and you believe it’s what you like get a couple in different colors.  The fewer the items you have to select from the easier it is to be independent in dressing oneself.  Keep it simple.  Dress for comfort.  Style is least important.  You have enough other things in life that is a priority.  Style may be important when working or attending a special event….otherwise, COMFORT!  ALWAYS SAFETY!

Sweaters in various colors can be worn in warm or cooler weather.  They are easy to use as layering outfits.  A lightweight sweater can be worn with a sleeveless shirt or  sundresses especially while shopping at a grocery store near the freezer section or a cold air conditioned restaurant or store.  Sweaters can be removed while outdoors in the summer.  In the winter they keep you warmer when the environment is cool from drafts near windows and doors in restaurants, shopping, and other public places.

Fleece jackets with hood, pockets and full zippered front for casual daily comfort indoors.   This fleece jacket is easily worn over a T-shirt or casual shirt and is less confining then sweaters.  They are easy to put on and easy to take off.  If you can’t zip clothing, ask someone to place velcro pieces near zipper to make closure easy.  Velcro can also be placed under buttons for easy closure.

One can step out of the home without forgetting to keep warm.  This is a multi-purpose clothing item.  Purchase these when clearance in a few colors. One will feel ready and dressed even when wearing a T-shirt for casual wear.  No need to carry large purse.  Cell, personal identification (driver’s license or state ID), and cash can fit easily in pockets.

Everyone wants to be able to perform the simple task of dressing daily.  Help those you know and love to remain independent in this activity of daily living.  

Polo shirts (if logo is over pocket or front can tell if you put it on correctly) and T-shirt with design on front of shirt.  Make sure whatever one wears is consistent where the design is always in the front, or the logo is always over the pocket.  This is when having the same style, but different colors is helpful.  Consistent is key helping one remain independent with dressing oneself.  Different styles can add confusion and overwhelm the person.

Zippered jackets helps to put on and take off easier then tops that go over the head.  This is a personal choice, but consider whether the person can easily remove clothing or if they have difficulty putting on and taking off clothing.  If zippers and buttons are difficult add velcro as closures.

Mesh polo or wick free shirts and tops are lightweight and prevents excessive sweating.  T-shirts. They also clean up easily from spills.  They dry quickly. Polo tops are easy to wear and have labels above pocket on chest to help keeping the front and back straight.  Sports bras-tops helps eliminate undergarments and are comfortable in the summer with a pair of shorts. Sports bras or bras that snap or zip in front are helpful.

Shirts should be loose.  Don’t expect to have them tucked in.

In warm weather: Swim suits or swim trunks can be used with those wearing disposable underwear. They wash up easier.  These are inexpensive in off season.  A swim top can frequently be used as outerwear in the summer or used to dress in layers so if one becomes extremely warm they can remove a shirt and still feel comfortable and look good.  Swim tops worn with nylon shorts for women and a loose shirt with swim trunks for men.

If clothing does not have pockets there are other options.  Try a small lightweight apron with pockets or a nylon waist pack.  Both work as alternatives when clothing does not have pockets.  


  • Nylon & Chino material
  • Pockets
  • Elastic waist, velcro closure, or zippers
  • Velcro closures (instead of zippers or buttons)
  • Shorts
  • Cargo Shorts
  • Capris
  • Pants
  • Convertible pants (pants-to-shorts)
  • Jeans
  • Sweatshirts (hoodies) & sweatpants
  • Sundress
  • Shirts
  • Bathing suits/Swim Trunks

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