Laughter as brain injury medicine … another day another year

02 Jan

I tried on and off all day to post a simple laughter note.  All I wanted to sayHappy New Year to everyone, but it became a challenge.  I can only speculate it was WordPress and not me!  Why would I even think it was me?  I know what I wanted to say and do, but with modern technology it’s usually easy.  Not today, everything is a challenge.  It’s not me … it’s WordPress … it’s my Computer … it’s everything, and everyone’s fault …  but it’s not my dog’s fault!

So when this finally posts it may be after midnight!  Are you thinking … gosh doesn’t she realize it’s already January 2, 2013?  Yes, I know it’s the 2nd day of the New Year.  I also know this is how life goes every day.  You just need to go with the flow, and don’t sweat the small stuff!  It will happen someday!

So a day has gone by in the New Year and most resolutions have already been broken.  I just haven’t had the opportunity to succeed on the 1st, but it will happen someday soon.  I just don’t know which day! I can’t break a resolution without the opportunity to succeed!

I’ve recently discovered a terrific website by a psychologist treating TBI.  Please stop by and visit this website:

I’ve also added this website in my blogroll .

Image representing YouTube as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

Anything is possible.  I was given this You Tube Video site of my friend’s cousin.  She had no formal vocal training and this is an exceptional short video to sit back for 3 minutes and enjoy.

Alexis doesn’t have a brain injury, but often with brain injuries one discovers areas that you never had before.  Have you found you can sing or dance or draw that you never had before injury?  What new talents have you discovered?

I can tell you with 100% certainty that singing still is not my forte!  Enjoying a quick You Tube Video is always fun!  What does this remind you of?  Tell me what you think of this video.

If this actually posts within the next week, maybe something worked right!  Awe, it’s really no joke … it’s life … we just have to keep laughing at ourselves!

Have a Safe, Healthy, Peaceful, and Pleasant New Year everyone!


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