Simple tips how to organize bedroom closet and drawers after traumatic brain injury

18 Jan

Keeping organized is essential to good mental and physical health.  Organization conserves energy and limits environmental stimuli.  Arrange your closet in ways that are easiest for you to find things.  What works for one person may not work for another.  You may think one way will work, but find another is better.  Try out your options and organize your life from the most basic chores of daily living.


  • Good mental & physical health
  • Conserves energy
  • Limits environmental stimuli

Arrange according to color, style, or seasonal.l You may also consider putting certain outfits together. If you choose to put outfits together and more than one item is hanging on a clothes hanger … Just remember that!  You may find this great way to organize when one remembers!

Otherwise, you may think you are missing items.  This might be the hardest way to organize, but I also see where placing outfits together would help to eliminate choices in a quick moment or packing for holidays or vacations.


Clothes (Photo credit: codey)

Ways to Arrange Your Drawers and Closets

  • Color Arrangement
  • Style Arrangement
  • Seasonal Arrangement
  • Outfit Arrangement

COLOR ARRANGEMENTS-Place all your blue shirts together, all your white shirts together, all your black shirts together, red shirts together, etc.  Hence, if you are looking for a specific color you can easily find it.

STYLE ARRANGEMENTS-When you have several shirts in the same style and want to arrange them according to style this could easily work.  Place all your sleeveless shirts of one style together, all your polo shirts together, all your sports-bra tops together, all your dress shirts together, all your shirts with collars together, etc.

SEASONAL ARRANGEMENTS-Keep all your sweatshirts, heavy sweaters, turtleneck shirts, long-sleeve shirts together.  Keep all your sleeveless shirts, lightweight sweaters, shorts, capris, pants, together.  Keep all your items that could be all-seasonal together.

OUTFIT ARRANGEMENTS-Items that all go together as a group that are similar.  Shirts, sweaters, jackets, capris, shorts, pants that you can alternate according to the event or weather.

This is a personal preference whether you arrange your closet according to colors, styles or seasons.  The way you set this up will depend on how you functioned prior to your current health condition and what is working best now.  You might have to try one organizational means than another before you find what works best for you.

English: various and colorful

English: various and colorful (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Attic
  • Under bed in storage containers
  • Between mattresses

If you store items in another location keep a reminder note nearby so you won’t forget. Place the note on a hanger in the closet or in your dresser. If you are short on space you may need to store items in an attic or between mattresses.  Storing things between mattresses helps with storage.  This only works if you are putting things away for a while.  You do not want to do this if it is something you will wear frequently.

Divide drawers

  • Underwear section
  • Sock section
  • Pajamas
  • Jeans
  • Shorts

Divide your drawers equally so you can have an underwear section, a sock section, pajamas, jeans, shorts, etc.  Donate any excess clothing or clothing that you have outgrown or just don’t wear. They accumulate and clutter your environment.  There are many families in need of clothing.

  1. Donate excess stuff
  2. Recycle stuff among friends and family
  3. Excess stuff clutters environment

If you are short on funds and would like a change in types of clothing many second-hand stores sell items low in cost.  Some give discounts after donating, such as 20% off or buy 1 get 1 free.  Locate second-hand stores, or resale stores in your area.  Many also have certain tag colors for discount, or certain days that prices slashed under $1.00. Get to know these stores and how their sales work.

Extending the budget

  • Resale stores
  • Clearance racks

Understanding resale stores is a little different and can be difficult following a brain injury.  This may be challenging in nature, but something essential to clothing your family when funds are limited.  You may also want to check out clearance racks in department stores. Clearance items frequently have additional discounts, and sometimes prices can be as low as second-hand items.  Either way you shop, you can extend your financial budget.

The best way to extend your budget might be to recycle clothing and housewares within your circle of family and friends.  What is old to them, will be new to you!  Enjoy whatever way you change outfits or housewares … it’s just all stuff in the end!

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