Laughter as brain injury medicine …. Where did that hour go?

01 May

Weeks ago we changed the clocks.  Clocks were turned ahead by one hour.  Atomic clocks automatically reset.

Spouse awakes to an alarm every morning.  It’s been quiet and peaceful morning after morning noticing he’s been sleeping later, hence the dogs don’t awaken and silence is golden!  Finally after weeks he’s figured out that his alarm clock never changed.

At 5:30 am and walking down stairs he smiled and burst into laughter!  What a relief!  It took weeks to discuss his concerns and resolution to this problem he struggled with daily.  He just couldn’t figure out how it took an hour to get up and walk down one flight of stairs!

I guess that thought would be concerning!  Losing an hour daily in a matter of a couple minutes could illicit further concerns.  Not sharing these concerns for others to help problem solve also becomes a lonely journey.

a modern alarm clock

a modern alarm clock (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a relief discovering the atomic alarm clock was not properly set to change for daylight savings time!  It’s hard to believe one would suddenly become so slow that a loss of an hour in walking down one flight of stairs was possible!

It only took weeks for him to resolve the internal conflict of the slowness of a morning routine!  We are all up and awake early with the sound of one’s alarm clock.  When one can’t hear well, it’s as though no one hears!  The alarm set for one, arouses everyone … including the dogs!

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