Laughter as brain injury medicine … you don’t understand

15 May

Communication is unpredictable, just as other symptoms of TBI.  Some symptoms are invisible and others are incomprehensible! As I met up with someone while working out in the pool I asked “How are you doing today?”  her facial expressions of shock and reply was “When did you do that?”

I felt stunned and unsure, and didn’t know how to respond.  Rather then say anything more, I simply continued working out.  Since I was feeling a bit weak I thought I might end my workout and relax.  Only those with communication disorders understand how the words you form are not necessarily the words you speak.

This brought back memories of a time I was attempting to order a Subway sandwich and I was asked to leave because my verbal communication was incoherent.  I think it happens infrequently, but it’s challenging when you think you are saying one thing but something totally different is communicated.  At that time my teenage son was there, and he tried to protect me.  We both left and I never returned to that location again!

What you say, and what you intend on saying may be two totally different things.  So, don’t always take everything so literally!  Sometimes you may wish you said what was on your mind!  What happens when you say things that’s somewhere between your thoughts and mind?…lost in the jumbled brain!  It’s the brain connection or lack thereof!  

Many people wish they would say what is on their minds … be cautious what you wish for!  TBI has open enrollment.

What have you said that you wish you could take back?  For others, how difficult is it to live with communication disorders?

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