Laughter as medicine … how loud is too loud

06 Feb

Have you ever sat in the same room with another and they appear to be watching the television?  Have you asked questions and they reply “Huh?”  Have you noticed

TV Ears sitting on table below Television.  You can't hear what?

TV Ears sitting on table below Television.
You can’t hear what?

after about an hour or more they turn up television sound without ever changing channels?

Don’t you wonder what was going on for past hour or more as they stared at the television that you weren’t watching? The same television causes significant distractions and fills the brain with stimuli!  Stimuli no one needs!

These same people have gotten hearing checked and say  “hearings normal”.  Ironically, they’ve had hearing loss for a number of years but don’t recall those appointments or tests!

Hearing is known as first to go and first coming back when undergoing medical procedures.  Long before patient becomes alert or opens eyes they are listening to things happening around them.  Always talk to anyone in coma, unconscious or returning from surgery.  They hear you!

It’s funny many have selective hearing!  Hearing is important, and deficits in hearing the world becomes limited.  I know when my hearing appears deficient where I don’t know what’s happening around me … I will get hearing devices.  I don’t want to miss anything in my environment!  Obviously others do … what did you say?

TV Ears help!  They keep others in the room from loud televisions ... if the right person is using them!

TV Ears help! They keep others in the room from loud televisions … if the right person is using them!

My children have referred to loud television noise “grandma loud”!  Grandma lived with us for some time and passed away at 96.  She lived a healthy long life …  ate nutritious home grown foods, read daily, crossword puzzles, and exercised daily.

Everything turned so loud no one else can tolerate it!  Wouldn’t you figure if no one else needs to turn up the television you’d recognize the problem is you?  So much for those TV Ears!  They’re great to use when you are walking on the treadmill and watching the news!  Otherwise, the TV Ears sit on the table underneath the television!  I didn’t know the table needed those ears!?


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