Laughter as brain injury medicine … Are you sleeping?

28 Mar

Who needs sleep? Awe, one is finally having restful nights with adequate amount of sleep.  You would think 4 out of 7 nights are good if you had a TBI, and to our standards I’m in the “good” range now!

Unfortunately, nights with interrupted sleep of any sort is followed by a poor functioning day.  Sleeping arrangements often need to be adjusted if your partner is not a sound sleeper.  Otherwise, both will be awake night after night!  It’s not a matter of two is better than one!  Both need sleep.

He often sleeps in weird positions looking as ...

He often sleeps in weird positions looking as though he had been chucked there. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hum, that works good and you learn to be quiet so others are not aroused.  Read a book or write.  At about 2:00 am my spouse walks into the dark bedroom, and says,  “Are you sleeping?”  My reply is, “I WAS!”  I listen as he tells me what a horrible night he is having and how he can’t sleep!  Hum, guess what I can’t sleep now either!

This has been going on for years now.  Every bad night he has, I’m awakened if I’m not already awake so I am aware of the horrible night he is having.  That was the entire purpose of having different sleeping arrangements so we could both sleep.

I’ve never thought to arouse someone in the middle of the night to find out if they were sleeping and let them know I could not sleep!  Besides, isn’t a dark room and no movement a sign that another might be sleeping especially since reading a book or writing needs light?

Incidentally, this isn’t a one time occurrence.  It’s the frequency that becomes disturbing.   How could I be sleeping when I heard the door open, the dog begins to bark, and a conversation begins!

“I am not sleeping, but I was sleeping!”  So much for “good” restful sleep on 4 out of 7 nights!  Darn, if only I could plan that the interrupted nights would happen on the nights I was already awake!  Something must be predictable!

I can predict when another has a bad night I will have a visitor whether I’m asleep or awake.  I can predict I will be awake.  I can predict the dog will growl and begin barking.  I can predict the question is always the same “Are you sleeping?”   My response is always “I was!”  I can predict as long as I answer the question … I am alive!

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