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Laughter as brain injury medicine … you didn’t step in that did you?

Ever seen those signs “No shirt, No shoes, No admittance!” Read the rest of this entry »



Loving and living with someone when they have Cerebral Palsy, Seizures, and Brain Dysfunction (Part 5 of Series)


Of course there was torment and bullying.  Who hasn’t been bullied? There are different degrees Read the rest of this entry »


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Simple tips for brain and spinal cord injury, illness, injury, aging, children, adults, everyone … Questions to ask your healthcare professionals

When you come across health issues there are a number of questions you and your advocate need to ask.  It’s difficult to know what questions to ask when your world is turned upside down and you are not familiar with healthcare systems. Either the patient or the advocate, or both should ask these questions.

The best outcome to all health issues is dependent on the educated patients and advocates. Asking the following questions will help you take control, eliminate some stress and struggles with healthcare and focus on ones optimal level of functioning.  This is a comprehensive but not all inclusive list of questions to ask your healthcare provider. Read the rest of this entry »


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Simple tips traveling by air with TBI, aging, and other physical and mental challenges

Do not let your physical and mental challenges stop you from traveling when you want or need to. You can get preferential seating by Read the rest of this entry »


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Tornadoes touchdown in same place as May 3, 1999

We’ve cancelled our plans for the week to gather with sibling in OKC, OK.  They survived May 3, 1999 and we believe they are safe.  Maybe they are homeless again, but hopefully safe! We will do the Memorial Day Veteran’s parade another year.

Plans can unravel in a split second when catastrophe happens.  There are no plans more important than life, health and survival. Our new plan will be the same as it was May 3, 1999 … sending blankets, sheets, and medical supplies. Sometimes things happen on a personal level.  This is one of those times! Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine … you don’t understand

Communication is unpredictable, just as other symptoms of TBI.  Some symptoms are invisible and others are incomprehensible! As I met up with someone while working out in the pool I asked “How are you doing today?”  her facial expressions of shock Read the rest of this entry »


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Laughter as brain injury medicine … reading

How many romance novels can one read? It’s reading that kept mother-in-law’s 96 year old mind and memory remain clear.  Who cares what type of reading? She handled finances, checkbook, and all her affairs until the day she died.  She learned so much from reading and learning is something that’s important throughout the lifespan.

..think the opposite

It was our pride that at 96 years old weekly library trips to checkout books and keep the brain and mind functioning were a priority.  She was an avid reader sparked by the sensational sexual romance books.  She told us the books have gotten better over time!

When asked if they ever bore her, she said they never do … “it keeps one’s imagination very much alive when the rest of the body is nearly dead!” 

Have you laughed today? What made you break out in laughter?

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